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Volunteer with staff at a Midwifery project placement overseas with Projects Abroad

  • 义工角色:观察当地助产士及医生如何为孕妇分娩及提供产前产后准备及护理。
  • 经验要求:加纳、印度、蒙古、斯里兰卡、坦桑尼亚的项目无须经验,没有特别要求;牙买加、摩洛哥、塞内加尔需要相关教育背景;秘鲁的项目需要一定西班牙语程度;塞内加尔、多哥的项目需要一定法语程度;摩洛哥的项目则需要有一定法语或阿拉伯语程度。牙买加、摩洛哥、塞内加尔及斯里兰卡的助产士项目实习生必须年满18岁。

If you want to take up an internship abroad as a nurse or a midwife, we have a huge number of opportunities available. Whether you are hoping to get into the field, a trained professional looking for some work experience, or somewhere in-between, you will return with many experiences in one of the hospitals, clinics, orphanages, and disabled centres that we work with. Whenever possible, we tailor your internship to your level of experience and interests.

Volunteer with a baby on the Midwifery project overseas

Nursing and Midwifery Hospital Internship and Volunteer Work Abroad

By interning on this program, you will have a great opportunity to understand how health care systems work in a developing country. Hospitals and clinics are often understaffed, so depending on your education, experience level, and work capabilities you may be able to assist with duties such as bandaging, taking blood pressure and generally caring for the patients. If you work as a midwife at home, then you are likely to be located in a busy maternity clinic, helping both pre and post-natal patients, and assisting staff with deliveries on an internship overseas.

On your first day at the internship, a Projects Abroad staff member will introduce you to your supervisor and you will be given a work schedule. It is very important that you stick to your hours or give plenty of advanced notice if you wish to change them because from this moment on you will be part of a team. Your supervisor will be eager to know your skills and level of experience and what you will take on will be strongly influenced by this.

Of course a Projects Abroad internship is not all about work. Once you finish for the day there are always other volunteers and interns around to meet up with, and our staff will arrange regular social events and even weekend trips for you to join in on.

Intern with Orphans and Volunteer Work in Care Centres

If you are interested in nursing, but would like a less medically orientated internship, you could be perfect for our Care Projects. We have volunteers working in all sorts of capacities, providing support, guidance and a huge amount of love for some of the neediest people in the developing world. Please visit our Care Projects.

"I have been living and working in Sri Lanka for six weeks now and I work at the Chandrasekara Home in Moratuwa. Each day at work brings new challenges and rewards - experiences and adventures I will never forget. It is very hard work, both physically and mentally, but I am working with some of the kindest, most special children not just in Sri Lanka, but anywhere."

Ruth Malthouse,
Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Medical Elective Students

If you are in medical school and planning to do an elective please go to our Medical Electives project.



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