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Fiji Shark Conservation Project Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

The Projects Abroad Fiji Shark Conservation Project recently celebrated its third successful year of operation. Through the efforts of volunteers, leading scientists and local staff, the project has contributed to the conservation of sharks, restoration of mangrove forests and educational campaigns in the South Pacific Region.


Cerebral Palsy surfer makes waves in South Africa

Ashtan Davis, a familiar face at the Projects Abroad Surfing Project in South Africa, has made surfing history as one of the first people to take part in the country’s first Adaptive Surfing Championships, and being selected for the 2016 Stance World Adaptive Surfing Champs. 


Projects Abroad志愿者和员工在坦桑尼亚恩戈罗恩戈罗的偏远乡村,合力为当地教师兴建一个全新的教员宿舍。

Volunteers get the ball rolling with ‘Soccer Pitch Readings’ in Ghana

Projects Abroad has launched a new initiative in Ghana, ‘Soccer Pitch Reading’, to help teach children to read and continue developing their reading ability in a fun and interactive environment.

Projects Abroad names Greg Thomson as new CEO

Projects Abroad would like to announce that Greg Thomson has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. Greg assumed his role in August 2016 and has succeeded Dr Peter Slowe, the founder of Projects Abroad, who will remain in the company as the Executive Chair.

Work begins at new excavation site in Peru

Projects Abroad staff and volunteers at the Archaeology Project in Peru have begun excavation work at a new site at the Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, through an agreement with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. 


秘鲁考古学项目志愿者最近来到库斯科 (Cusco) 新的考古发掘遗址,开展他们的挖掘研究工作。Inkylltambo是萨克塞瓦曼 (Sacsayhuaman) 考古公园的其中一段,今年已经是当地进行考古挖掘研究的第三年。Projects Abroad志愿者幸运获得邀请,能够参与Inkylltambo的考古发掘工作。我们也与秘鲁文化部达成协议,获得其中一块考古场地的正式发掘准许,于是,七月中开始,志愿者们就能够开展新场地的考古挖掘工作,预计这一轮工作持续到今年的十月。

Projects Abroad志愿者在菲律宾残障康复研讨周活动中演讲

Projects Abroad菲律宾分部被邀请参加菲律宾第38次全国残障预防及康复研讨周活动。菲律宾理疗项目的首位志愿者Victor Lee向大会介绍了Projects Abroad正在努力设立中的社区残障康复中心,这个康复中心也是宿务岛北部第一个该类型的机构。


近日,Projects Abroad员工Sea Sorn在月初举办的《环保亚洲2016》会议上进行了演讲。演讲的主题是危害着柬埔寨环境安全的”幽灵网“问题。

Projects Abroad welcomes first volunteers to Canine Therapy Project in Argentina

This summer, Projects Abroad will welcome its first volunteers at the new Canine Therapy Project in Córdoba, where we are partnered with Fundación Jingles (The Jingles Foundation). The Jingles Foundation is a privately run therapy center, aimed at improving the health and well-being of its clients with the assistance of the 32 therapy dogs that live at the center. 

Volunteer donates clothes to talibé children in Senegal

Fien Ackerman, a Projects Abroad volunteer from Belgium, raised money before starting her Care Project so that she could donate new clothing to more than one hundred talibé children in St Louis, Senegal. 



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